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Why We Are Different?

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is the field of health care that employs laboratory assessment and early intervention to improve physiological, emotional/cognitive, and physical function. This health care approach focuses attention on biochemical individuality, metabolic balance, ecological context and unique personal experience in the dynamics of health. The following are some basic tenets of functional medicine:

1) Uniqueness of patient

Unlike conventional medicine, functional medicine emphasizes the physiological uniqueness of each patient. To paraphrase a famous literary quote, proponents of functional medicine believe that each patient's physiological system marches to the beat of a different drummer. Thus, effective treatment should be custom-tailored specifically to meet each patient's unique needs. We have relationships with several cutting edge diagnostic laboratories that test this fundamental principle by analyzing subtle differences in an individual's molecular biochemistry, hormonal secretion patterns, cellular environment, immune responses, etc, allowing for focused, precise, and individualized therapy.

2) Minor symptoms should not be ignored

Even slight imbalances in the body can set the stage for more serious diseases down the road. This often happens by virtue of a "ripple effect," whereby a "minor" imbalance sets into motion a cascade of biological triggers that eventually leads to sub-optimal health, chronic illness, and degenerative disease. For this reason, a "let's-wait-and-see-if-this-develops-into anything-serious" attitude is not an acceptable approach in functional medicine. By implementing the most advanced and sensitive technology available, we can reveal the subtlest imbalances within the body, allowing for timely intervention to prevent more profound health problems in the future.

3) A peek into the future

We now have access to a lab array that can test for antibodies (AB) to up to over 90 different tissues. To put it simply we can test if you have these AB to your myelin sheath to give a marker for future risk to Multiple Sclerosis. We can test for AB to intrinsic factor to give a look at future Diabetic concerns. We can test for Abs to joint tissue for future risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The list of potential Auto Immune diseases that we can screen for is almost endless. With this information we can modulate your immune response and potentially inhibit the reaction from ever becoming a disease reality.

4) Holistic Approach

The body is best examined and treated as an integrated whole, not simply an isolated set of parts. For accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, a clinician must consider ALL the possible long-reaching effects of various therapies/treatments on the entire body. Moreover, by assisting and augmenting the body's natural mechanisms of healing, the physician works with the dynamic process of homeostasis, rather than against it. Chronic Condition Centers supports this

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