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Hello, my name is Dr. Ian Beckingham and I specialize in treating Chronic Condition Disorders. I am one of the few doctors in the Los Angeles area treating these conditions using cutting edge neurological and metabolic therapies.

In the conditions section of this site you will see a detailed list of the problems I've been able to help WITHOUT the use of DRUGS or SURGERY.

If you are tired of the traditional and outdated medical model and ready to try something new, I am the right doctor for you. I do things differently; I look at your Whole Person. You may have symptoms such as numbness in your arms, dizziness, fatigue, or underactive thyroid, but I learned a long time ago that to focus simply on these symptoms (or a previous diagnosis), means I will miss the entire story of what is happening in your body.

It doesn't matter if you have been diagnosed with or suffer from symptoms of fibromyalgia, vertigo, autism, burning extremities, neck pain, or menopause, I will take a comprehensive look at YOU before determining what is actually going on with your body.

Regardless of any previous diagnosis, or name your problem has been given (if your problem has even been given a name), or what you have been told about the possibilities for this condition or the drugs you have already tried...this is the place for you if you are looking for Real Answers.

I look forward to helping you to move into the new positive phase of your life.

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